Sakanaction Joining Fukui Music Festival

Sakanaction Joining Fukui Music Festival

One Park Festival 2020

This year, on July 4th and 5th, the One Park Festival, an outdoor music festival, will take place in Fukui City’s Central Park, located within Fukui Prefecture. In this year’s festival, it has been confirmed that the popular rock band, Sakanaction, will be performing. The announcementwas made by the festival’s exectutive committee on February 19th.

Sakanaction debuted as a five-member group in 2007. The band is often the headliner in large outdor music festvals. In 2013, the band made an appearance in the NHK Red and White Singing Contest. In 2016, Sakanaction won the Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Music.

Eight other groups have also been announced to perform in this year’s festival, including the hip-hop group “RHYMESTER”, a three-man band with former Tokyo Jihen guitarist, Ryosuke Nagaoka (former stage name: Ukigumo), “PETROLZ”, and a jazz band who performed in the final act during the 2019 One Park Festival, “SOIL & ‘PIMP’ SESSIONS”. In the two-day festival, there is expected to be a total of about 25 artists or groups to perform.

The festival first began in July 2019, wih the concept of “a music festival that transforms a whole city into a theme park”, with many famous groups performing last year such as Ulfuls, and the Crazy Ken Band. The two-day festival is expected to mobilize about ten thousat people, and cause an economic ripple effect to bring in an estimated 640 million yen.


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