Frog Eggs Hatching Early, Local Residents Surprised

Frog Eggs Hatching Early, Local Residents Surprised

Usually Occurs in March or April, Perhaps Resulting from this Winter’s Weather Conditions

Perhaps, this is a LEAP into an early spring.

In the Saso area, located within Fukui Prefecture’s Echizen Town, frog eggs have been hatching one after another; tadpoles can be seen swimming with vigour.

“In a normal year, we would see this kind of scene while the snow melts into spring,” says a local resident with surprise.

According to another local resident (aged 67), he saw a large amount of frog eggs hatching in a nearby rice field on February 15th. On February 18th, despite enough snowfall to cover the roofs white, tadpoles roughly 5-6 millimetres long were swimming within the rice fields, full of energy.

According to the Fukui Nature Conservation Center (located in Ono City), creatures that cohabit with the Japanese brown frogs can be seen. In an average year, frogs begin hatching during March and April, and even later in mountainous regions and shaded areas. The center states that in the valley community of Saso, it is “substantially early” for hatching to be happening in the middle of February. The favourable winter season weater is considered the cause for this early phenomenon.

“With these spring-like conditions coming so soon, I wonder if the growth of crops will be okay,” says a man, with a slight sense of bewilderment.


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