Triple-Coloured Hishi-Mochi Production, Before the Peach Festival

Triple-Coloured Hishi-Mochi Production, Before the Peach Festival

Final Stages in Shops within Fukui, A Gorgeous Atmosphere

Before the Peach Festival on March 3rd, Ogata Beika, a shop within Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City is heading towards the final production stages of hishi-mochi (a rhombus-shaped mochi with multiple layers of different colours). Having the vivid colours of pink, white, and green, the triple-coloured mochi emanates a gorgeous feeling.

The pink represents the flower of peaches, white is for snow, and green is for the colour of fresh leaves. First, glutinous rice produced within the prefecture is used, and then one of the three colours of the hishi-mochi are added to each batch; it is then put into a wooden box, carried over from previous generations, with the different colours layered on top of one another. The boxes are then stored in a refrigerator overnight, where the mochi becomes firm, then the company manager (aged 63) and staff cuts the mochi into roughly seven centimetre long rhombuses.

“We hope to adorn the sweets with wishes for the children and grandchildren to grow healthy and full of energy,” said the company manager.

Hishi-mochi production began during early January, with roughly 500 pieces to be made, as is the yearly average. The mochi is available at Ogata Beika and HEIWADO shopping centres within the prefecture. On the online shopping site “hyakuyoko”, the hishi-mochi is available as a set with hina-arare (sweet rice cakes).


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