Karigahara Ski Resort Closes, Government’s Response

Karigahara Ski Resort Closes, Government’s Response

Katsuyama City Mayor, “A Hard Blow for the City”

On February 5th, Fukui Prefecture’s Katsuyama City Mayor Masahiro Yamagishi held a scheduled press conference regarding the closure of the Karigahara Ski Resort, following its filing for bankruptcy at the Fukui District Court.

“This is a hard blow for the city. I think it will be quite difficult to rebuild, but I wish for us, as a city, to seriously think about how we will move forward from this,” said the city mayor.

Mayor Yamagishi continued, “As a ski resort, Karigahara was a pioneer, and it’s where many had their first ski experience. Due to lack of snow during the warm winter, this beloved ski resort fell into the very unfortunate situation of being unable to open for business.”

Yamagishi went on to explain the situation in which efforts are being made in collecting information from various sources, such as the ski resort staff, and that “the city will cooperate in whatever we can do.”

On February 6th, a meeting between groups, including Katsuyama City and the Katsuyama Chamber of Commerce, was announced to be held at the Katusyama City Hall, concerning the information exchange of financial institutions; the meeting is a prerequisite for discussions on countermeasures regarding the large impact received by the local economy, from the unprecedented lack of snowfall.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1024272