Teachers from Egypt, Amazed by Japan’s Elementary Schools

Teachers from Egypt, Amazed by Japan’s Elementary Schools

Fukui; Studying Elementary School Education and Implementing Teaching Methods

Looking to implement Japanese teaching methods into their own country, 40 instructors from Egypt visited and stayed in Fukui Prefecture, studying about the elementary school system. On January 23rd, 8 elementary schools were visited by the instructors, who took in the atmosphere of the school environment.

The school visits are part of an instructor training program, through the combined efforts of the country of Egypt and Fukui University, connected to the Egypt-Japan Schools (EJS). The EJS are schools in Egypt that incorporate elements particular to the Japanese education system, such as cooperativeness, through activities including going to school in groups and class meetings; there are currently 40 of these institutions in Egypt. The instructors will be visiting kindergarten and elementary schools within Fukui City, and will be staying until February 14th.

During January 23rd, six instructors visited Meishin Elementary School; the instructors observed as the children worked hard on various tasks, such as setting the tables for lunch, during cleaning time, and in penmanship class. In a class presenting the accomplishments of education in Egypt, the instructors took questions, and interacted with the students, in a scene of cultural exchange.

“I’m amazed with how cooperative activity is integrated into lessons, and of seeing the children taking initiative and working hard,” praised an Egyptian instructor (aged 33).

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1021259

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