For this Year, West-Southwest; Very Busy in Ehomaki Production

For this Year, West-Southwest; Very Busy in Ehomaki Production

“Eat and Enjoy Setsubun,” Says Sushi Shop

February 3rd is Setsubun. During this time is an established custom to evoke good luck, of many people filling their mouths with ehomaki (a long sushi roll filled with a variety of ingredients), while facing the lucky direction, which is specified each year. On January 2nd, workers in sushi shops within Fukui Prefecture were busily making the thick sushi rolls, feeling the pressure of time.

This year’s lucky direction is west-southwest. During February 1st to 3rd at Kaisen Atom‘s Wakasugi branch in Fukui City, where about a thousand ehomaki rolls are prepared, workers start their shift from seven in the morning; with sushi rice spread across toasted seaweed, blessed with the grace of sound health, it is then filled with up to eight different ingredients including rolled scrambled eggs and flavoured kanpyo, and then skilfully rolled into its long shape. Along with the standard 18-centimetre ehomaki roll, there is a varied lineup of other rolls available which can contain Pacific bluefin tuna, Japanese ell, and even Matsusaka beef.

“We have prepared a variety of rolls. I hope everyone can fully enjoy the flavours, as well as enjoy Setsubun,” says shop manager, Masatoshi Kobayashi (aged 30).


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