Doraemon, Big Adventure in Katsuyama During the Cretaceous Period

Doraemon, Big Adventure in Katsuyama During the Cretaceous Period

The Prefectural Dinosaur Museum as Supervising Director, a Book to Fully Enjoy Doraemon’s New Film

Doraemon and friends, on a big adventure in Katsuyama, one hundred and twenty million years in the past!

On January 22nd, an educational mook was released for sale by Shogakukan, for those wanting to fully enjoy the upcoming film, “Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur”, which will show in theatres nationwide from March 6th. In cooperation with the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, located in Katsuyama City, to be part of editorial supervision, an educational manga was compiled where Nobita and other regular characters find various fossils, including that of a Fukuititan, transforming into a herd of dinosaurs during ancient-period Katsuyama, and leading to chaos.

The project began development from fall of 2019, and marks the museum’s fourth collaboration with Doraemon. The prefectural governor of Fukui, Tatsuji Sugimoto, made the announcement during a scheduled press conference on January 22nd.

The B5 size mook is 102 pages. It features a rampaging dinosaur from the film, in a high-quality illustration. Based on the latest research, many topics including the dinosaurs’ ecology and extinction are explained in an easy-to-understand format.

The included education manga is 26 pages long, and follows a story where Doraemon and Nobita visit an excavation site in Katsuyama City’s Kitadani-cho, in an effort to find treasure. The museum’s chief research officer, Masateru Shibata (aged 44), makes an appearance in the manga as himself; he talks about the fossil cleaning operation done in the museum, and the difficulties involved in excavation.

Using a secret gadget to travel to the Cretaceous Period, Doraemon and his friends cross paths with the Fukuiraptor and Fukuisaurus, turning into an amusing adventure story.

The mook is currently on sale in bookstores across the country for ¥800 (tax excluded).


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