Enthusiastically Evaluating Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Enthusiastically Evaluating Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Competition Between Shops Picking Up Steam, Chocolates Lined Up Appealing to Women’s Hearts

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, business competition among shopping centres within Fukui Prefecture is picking up steam. With many kinds of chocolates for everyone, including for those looking to treat themselves, or to exchange as gifts between friends, the sales sections are specially organized with the various flavours and appearances in mind, lining up the gorgeous products to best appeal to the women’s hearts.

MAIMON, a Fukui City gift shop within the PARIO CITY shopping centre, has a special sales corner with around 300 different products; included among the lineup are chocolates with flavours meant to evoke images from a long-running TV series, featuring main characters Akechi Mitsuhide and Oda Nobunaga. One product, from a famous hotel in Tokyo, features a fruity and sour flavour, with its appearance having vivid colours. There are also products aimed towards adults, having a more subtle sweetness.

The sales peak for Valentine’s Day is during the three days prior.

On January 21st, children and their parents were carefully evaluating the sweets together.

“I want to give my husband a higher quality chocolate than what I normally buy, as a way to express my thanks for our daily life,” said a 45-year-old woman.

“I want to make sweets and give it to my friends,” said the 18-year-old daughter with a smile.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1014064

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