Squirrel Monkeys, Keeping Warm by the Heater

Squirrel Monkeys, Keeping Warm by the Heater

At Sabae City’s Nishiyama Zoo, Popular with Visitors

In Nishiyama Zoo, located in Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City, the scene of black-capped squirrel monkeys keeping themselves warm by the heater has been gaining popularity. Visitors enjoyed taking cute pictures of the monkeys approaching the heater to warm their bodies, or to take naps.

The small black-capped squirrel monkeys are native to Central and South America, weighing roughly one kilogram. Weak against the cold, the zoo installed heaters during early November of last year.

Although it has been a warm winter, it is still bitterly cold for the monkeys. According to the zookeepers, the infant monkeys are often running around, full of energy; on the other hand, the adult monkeys are usually gathered around the heater. This can often be seen during the afternoon, when the monkeys are full after being fed.

There are eight black-capped squirrel monkeys in the zoo. The heaters will remain installed until around March.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1014776