The Newly Established Takefu Commercial-Technical High School’s Emblem Confirmed

The Newly Established Takefu Commercial-Technical High School’s Emblem Confirmed

A Fukui Prefectural Institution, School Opens from April 2020

On January 10th, the school emblem for the Fukui Prefectural Takefu Commercial-Technical High School, located in a Fukui Prefecture, Echizen City, and opening from April 2020, was announced. From 671 ideas gathered from the local community, a design created by third-year Takefu Commercial High School Students was chosen. The emblem will be used as the new school’s symbol on items such as the school flag.

The Takefu Commercial-Technical High School was created as a result of a merger between two industry-focused high schools, the Takefu Commercial High School and the Takefu Technical High School. The school emblem’s design incorporates the letters “C” and “T”, standing for “commercial” and “technical” respectively; also included are two triangles stacked over one another, to signify the school’s three precepts: creation, application, and mutual prosperity. Drawn on the top part are a pair of wings, symbolizing the youths with their dreams, spreading out their wings into the future.

Last autumn, ideas for the emblem’s design was solicited from students and residents of the local area. A school emblem selection committee, consisting of educators and guardians, eventually narrowed the number of ideas down to six designs; a survey was then carried out among the Tannan area third-year junior high school students, the Takefu Commercial High School students, and the Takefu Technical High School students, and a decision was made based on the results.

According to the Fukui Prefectural Board of Education, the deciding factor for choosing the design was the novelty of how the English alphabets were highlighted, going along with the image of the new school. The school flag’s background colour will be a dark green, with the school’s emblem printed in white.


Further details and an image of the emblem can be viewed in the following link:武生商工高等学校の校章について.pdf