All Coming-of-Age Ceremony Attendees Wearing Eyeglasses

All Coming-of-Age Ceremony Attendees Wearing Eyeglasses

Sabae City: Domestic Producer of Over 90% of the Country’s Eyeglass Frames

On January 12th, in Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City, where over 90% of Japan’s domestically-produced eyeglass frames are proudly from, a coming-of-age ceremony, with approximately 650 attendees, was held in the Sabae City Gymnasium. As a memento, all attendees were gifted with locally-made eyeglasses. Being held in the “City of Glasses”, the new adults wore their gifts, took a commemorative photo, and fully enjoyed the nice comfort and design of their eyeglasses.

This is the third time Sabae City has carried out the “Adult’s First Glasses” project; along with the effort for the rest of the world to see the local industry’s pride in a new light, the city can also gain appeal through its everyday wear in the workplace or at school. In cooperation with the Fukui Optical Assciation, for each man and woman at the ceremony, three styles and three colours, totalling to 18 varities, were prepared; each person also received an eyeglass cleaning cloth and an eyeglass case at the reception.

At the ceremony, as a way to produce greater affection and appreciation for their glasses, a video about its manufacturing processes was displayed. At the end, everyone wore their glasses, and a commemorative photo was taken.

A woman attending said, “The round design in cute! I want to try fashions in combination with wearing the glasses.”


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