Fukui Companies Receive Many Questions from Interested Students

Fukui Companies Receive Many Questions from Interested Students

A Job Hunting Festival with 50 Participants, Visiting Different Booths

On January 4th, in the Fukui Shimbun’s Kaze-no-Mori Hall (located in Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City), an event geared towards university students intending to graduate in 2021, the “Fukui Job Hunting Festival: Job Compatibility Seminar”, was held; the event was organized by Fukui Shimbun. Before the actual job hunting season, which begins from March, students attentively listened and learned about businesses and industries from its representatives.

A total of approximately 50 students took part in the event, coming from universities, junior colleges, and vocational schools within and around Fukui Prefecture. There were booth set up for 15 Fukui Prefecture-based companies. The students, as well as the company representatives, were all in casual clothing, making for a laid back atmosphere. Students would first visit two booths that were initially designated for them, before being able to move freely around the event space.

Each booth had an HR manager who explained the company’s management philosophy, business scope, and employee benefits, among other things. Students would get job-hunting advice such as, “Try to attend many information sessions, and listen to your seniors’ real opinions.” And students enthusiastically asked many questions including, “What is the male-female ratio of staff” and “What kind of people are you looking for?”

An ambitious third-year female Jin-ai University student, who was visiting a Fukui Prefecture-based company she interned for last summer, talked about her experience, “Upon visiting the first company I was designated to, my career outlook widened and it had become a good experience. The information was not enough, I want to actually visit the company and see the corporate culture.”

Among the participants were a handful of first-year and second-year university students who were eager to start making preparations for job-hunting. In a corner of the event space, there was a terminal set up where students can enter their personal and career profile, and receive an analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, and what kind of job many suit them.

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