First Wholesale Market of the Year Opens for Around Sixty Kinds of Seafoods

First Wholesale Market of the Year Opens for Around Sixty Kinds of Seafoods

Echizen Fishing Harbour in Fukui, a Catch of Flounders Among Others

At the Fukui Market (福井市中央卸売市場, located in Fukui Prefecture, Fukui City, Owada, 1-Chome) on January 5th, the first wholesale market of the year opened for seafood and produce. With high-spirited yells of the auctioneers resounding within the marketplace, there was enough energy to flood into the following day.

Included among the approximately 60 kinds of seafood were flounders, golden eye snappers, greater amberjacks, and San’in zuwai-gani (snow crabs), all fished from the Echizen fishing harbour. The auction began from around 5:00 a.m. With a continuous back and forth between multiple auctioneers using hand signals to indicate prices, and bidders raising their voices yelling “five hundred!” and “one thousand!”, many trades were established.

The market had an opening ceremony where Fukui City Mayor Shinichi Higashimura gave a speech. The president and CEO of the Fukui Chuo-Uoichi, Yuzuru Miki, then led a “sanbon-jime” (a ceremonial hand-clapping pattern), wishing for a thriving market.

According to the Fukui Chuo-Uoichi, this day’s shipment volume and auction values were at the yearly average. The first wholesale market for produce included spinach and mizuna.


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