Zoni with Brown Sugar, “A Curious Flavour”

Zoni with Brown Sugar, “A Curious Flavour”

Obama’s Food Culture, A Mix of Salty and Sweet

On January 2nd, in the Food Culture Museum located in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, zoni (Japanese soup containing mochi rice cakes) with special brown sugar was prepared for visitors. Visiting families feasted on the unconventional flavour, experiencing a part of Obama’s food culture.

In the past, brown sugar was a precious commodity, used only on certain dishes on special occasions, and that weight has carried on to the present day. Three women associated with “Group Mermaid”, a group that promotes healthy eating habits, prepared the zoni by placing a round mochi in a bowl of miso broth; 50 portions were served.

Visitors sprinkled their desired amount of brown sugar before enjoying the zoni.

A man from Katano City, Osaka Prefecture (aged 26) explained, “The miso’s saltiness mixed with the sugar’s sweetness makes for a curious flavour, but it is very delicious.”

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/1003579

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