Specially-Made by High School Students, A Branding Iron for Ramen Eggs

Specially-Made by High School Students, A Branding Iron for Ramen Eggs

An Illustration of the Shop’s Logo with a Trail of Steam, Four Months to Complete

On December 18th, three high school students from Sakai Senior High School (located in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture) gifted a Fukui City ramen restaurant with a hand-made branding iron, to be used for ramen eggs. The branding iron has an exquisite illustration of the shop’s logo. The students were also very particular with the angling of the handle. They were all proud of their creation.

As an opportunity for the young students to polish their skills, RAMEN W (a ramen shop located in Fukui City, Kaihotsu, 2-Chrome) made a proposal to the students. Three students were selected to take on the project; Reiji Kitashima, Kanta Omari, and Yuuya Okazaki belong to the Mechanic course of the Machine/Automobile department, and were involved with last May’s project, which involved creating a branding iron used for dorayaki for a school event. Production began in June, taking approximately four months to complete, fully utilizing their collected programming skills and knowledge.

The branding iron is made with brass, which conducts heat very well. In a 3 by 3 centimetre square is an illustration of a “W”, the shop’s logo, with steam emanating from the letter. The development of the branding iron’s handle went through many tests and readjustments, to create the right angle that would optimize efficiency when using on the ramen eggs.

On the 18th, the three students visited the shopkeeper, Toshio Kitagawa (aged 50), and presented him with the branding iron saying, “We were able to successfully create this, so please use it a lot.” After that, they tried the branding iron on a ramen egg; after a sizzle, the logo appeared, with everyone cheering in delight.

“I am really grateful for everyone’s feelings and effort,” said Kitagawa, treating the students with ramen.

From January 19th of next year, and during the 3rd Sunday of every month between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., 20 pieces of logo-branded ramen eggs will be available.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/996172

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