Three and a Half Hour Endurance Race, with Kei Cars

Three and a Half Hour Endurance Race, with Kei Cars

Held at the Takasu Circuit, by University Students

On December 14th, the All-Japan Students Light Automobile Endurance Unification Match (全日本学生軽耐久統一戦) took place at the Takasu Circuit (located in Fukui Prefecture, Fukui City, Nishifutatsuyacho). It was a three and a half hour endurance race using kei cars (also known as “yellow-plate cars”; a light automobile with a maximum displacement of 660 cc). An executive committee was created by students from different universities and had begun planning together. The participants set forth to roll out an exciting race.

Including Niigata University and Ritsumeikan University, four universities outside Fukui Prefecture entered the race as four separate teams. Each team switched between five drivers, competing with each other in a three and a half hour race, making numerous laps around a 1.5 kilometre course.

The drivers used their masterful handling to pull out of corners and immediately accelerate onto a straight trajectory. With speeds reaching 120 kilometres per hour, an intense race unfolded.

The executive committee leader, a fourth-year male Ritsumeikan University student, said, “University students have few opportunities to get together for a race. Next year, I wish for more universities to participate in this event!”


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