Instagrammer Kazuho Ishida Travels to Sabae, the City of Glasses

Instagrammer Kazuho Ishida Travels to Sabae, the City of Glasses

Touring Fukui, “Many Wonderful Photos”

In an effort to promote Fukui Prefecture’s charm on social media, famous Instagrammar, Kazuho Ishida (aged 29), was invited from Tokyo to explore the prefecture on December 12th and 13th. On the 13th, Ishida visited the Megane Museum (located in Sabae City, Shinyokoe, 2-Chome). Ishida was able to enjoy a number of activities, including creating an original strap made from the same material used for eyeglass frames, as well as shopping, fully experiencing the production area’s appeal.

Focusing on the Hokuriku Shinkansen expansion within Fukui Prefecture in 2023, the prefecture is aiming to increase its number of fans, with the help of social media influencers.

Using colourful acetate, the same material used for making eyeglass frames, the strap is filed down to its desired shape, and then polished into its final form with a machine. While having her picture taken, Ishida worked diligently in crafting the strap. Eventually, on her hand, she showed off the finished product with a smile.

During the two days, Ishida was able to fully enjoy many of Fukui’s cuisine and nature, going to the Meikyo Cave (Takahama Town), seeing the Tsuruga Port Illumination “MIRAIE” (Tsuruga City), and visiting the Echizengani Museum (Echizen Town), among other places.

“There’s a charm that can’t be found in the big cities. I could also take many wonderful photos!” says Ishida, about her first visit to Fukui.