¥150,000 for One Night and Special Meals by the Executive Chef

¥150,000 for One Night and Special Meals by the Executive Chef

Grandia Housen, One Stay Package Each Month

An Awara-Onsen ryokan “Grandia Housen” (located in Fukui Prefecture’s Awara City; company president: Toru Yamaguchi) has begin offering a new stay package which will cost ¥150,000 (tax excluded) per person. The package includes one night, and two meals, which will be specially prepared by the executive chef Tamotsu Heya (aged 50), and will be a unique menu made for that stay. The Kotobuki-tei Villa holds the highest rank of the ryokan’s Royal Suite rooms, and only has one stay package available each month.

In 2018, executive chef Tamotsu Heya had worked as the supervisor for Japan Airlines’ domestic in-flight first class cuisine. In the Skills Grand Prix 2017, organized by the Japan Vocational Ability Development Association, Heya won the silver award in the Japanese Cuisine category; in the following year, in 2018, Heya was in charge of preparing lunch and dinner for Hisako, Princess Takamado, when she was visiting Fukui Prefecture.

“I want to experience executive chef Tamotsu Heya’s cooking one more time!” has been a common sentiment by many regulars. A new plan was then devised. Upon gathering information about the customers’ likes, chef Heya devises a menu based on carefully selected local and seasonal ingredients. The food is then prepared, arranged, and presented in front of the customers’ eyes.

“To the best of my abilities, I wish to create dishes that are filled with heart and memories,” says executive chef Heya.

“I hope guests can fully experience the true appeal of Fukui’s cuisine, and enjoy their stay in luxury with their significant other,” explains managing director Takasumi Yamaguchi (aged 32).

Inquiries can be made to Grandia House’s phone line 0776 (77) 2555.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/992376

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