Approaching the Year’s End, Soba Production Peaks

Approaching the Year’s End, Soba Production Peaks

Fukui’s Noodle Manufacturers, Soba as Year-End Gifts and for New Year’s Eve

Closing into the end of the year, noodle manufacturers within Fukui Prefecture are approaching their peak production season for soba (buckwheat) noodles.

Nichifuku Seimen (“日福製麺”, located in Fukui City, Terute, 1-Chome) has been operating from 7:00 a.m., day after day. Using soba flour produced in Ono, freshly kneaded dough are rolled down to a 1.5 millimetre thickness, before being cut into equal lengths. The employees then skillfully package the noodles for distribution.

Using a significant amount of water, along with using udon flour, the soba noodles are described to have a “smooth and satisfying sensation as it travels through your mouth.” From the last part of November, soba noodle production speeds up, in anticipation of the year-end gift season. The crucial period for production concerning its use for New Year’s Even will be from the 27th. In other words, as New Year’s Eve gets closer, production will also get busier.

Company president Tatsuya Iwasaki (age 43) explains, “When the noodles become moist, after being boiled for a long time in plenty of hot water, the smooth texture will really stand out. The noodles are perfect for making Oroshi Soba!”


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