The Full and Rich Mature Flavour of “Born” Curry

The Full and Rich Mature Flavour of “Born” Curry

Produced and Commercialized with Top-Quality Sake Made in Fukui’s Brewery

Katoukichibee Shouten (located in Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City, Yoshiecho; Representative: Atsuhide Kato), the brewery of the Japanese sake “Born” (梵), has created “Junmaishu Curry” for sale. Junmaishu Curry (純米酒カレー) is a retort pouch curry that uses “Born GOLD” (梵 GOLD), a top-quality pure-rice Japanese sake, as an essential ingredient. The product features a full and rich flavour to be enjoyed for a more mature palate.

In many ryotei (traditional, often luxurious, Japanese restaurants) and other washoku restaurants, the Born sake is used as a secret ingredient, adding a subtle flavour, in various dishes. The idea was to add that subtle flavour into curry. With added Worcestershire sauce, an authentic medium-spicy beef curry is prepared. Because the processing stage evaporates the alcohol content, children can also safely enjoy the curry. Production is handled by a food manufacturer in Osaka.

“We went through a lot of trial and error in creating the recipe. We were able to complete the product with a flavour we are very proud to offer. You an experience a delicious flavour, even after it cools down,” says representative Kato, promoting the curry.

The product is priced at ¥700 (tax excluded). It will be sold in supermarkets within the prefecture, as well as in liquor stores and souvenir shops.


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