Sweets Using Soba Flour, Concept by Female University Students

Sweets Using Soba Flour, Concept by Female University Students

Chiffon Cake and Financier

With a new method to present and experience the delicious flavour of Echizen Oroshi Soba, students from Jin-ai University uses soba (buckwheat) flour and soba tea powder to create a selection of sweets called “Soweets” (そうぃ~つ). The chiffon cake and financier are available in a cafe within Echizen City.

“We were very particular in making full use of the soba’s flavour. We want more people to learn about soba’s delicious flavour, outside of being used for noodles,” emphasized a student.

Four fellow students, studying philosophical anthropology in Jin-ai University’s communication department, worked together in planning how to promote the local flavour, and devised various recipes. In Echizen City’s mini shopping area called “Ichinosuke 1chome” (市之助一丁目), there is a cafe with a daily changing menu called “nomnom” (located within Takase, 1-Chome). The woman managing the cafe helped and worked together with the students.

The chiffon cake (¥300, tax included) is characterized by the students as having a “rich soba flavour that will flow through your nose.” To achieve a melt-in-your-mouth softness, the students repeatedly tested and adjusted their recipe to find the perfect amount of soba flour needed. The baked financier (¥250, tax included) has a selection of four different toppings (apricot, adzuki, pumpkin, and soba seeds) for you to taste and compare.

Creating the recipes began from April, taking over half a year, before being unveiled in Echizen City’s “Food Thanksgiving” (食の感謝祭) event in November. The sweets received favourable reviews with comments such as, “The taste of soba is delicious”, and “It’s a refreshing flavour” from customers.

“This is something I’m really proud of, and definitely want everyone to taste! Using sweets as a new method, I hope that the charm of soba becomes more popular,” says Yamashita.

The sweets are available at the cafe “nomnom” on the first Wednesday of every month, between 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Orders are required to be placed through the cafe’s Instagram page or by phone.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/989085

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