Sauce Katsu Food Stand at the University of Tokyo Campus Festival

Sauce Katsu Food Stand at the University of Tokyo Campus Festival

“HOYATTE Fukui”, a Food Stand at the Kobama Festival

“HOYATTE Fukui” is a group created by University of Tokyo students who originated from Fukui Prefecture. The group had set up a food stand featuring Sauce Katsu for the Kobama Festival, a campus festival at the University of Tokyo. As well as promoting the famous products of Fukui, the students were ailing to promote tourism within Fukui Prefecture.

To operate freely in a collaborative structure, in efforts to invigorate Fukui’s image, “HOYATTE Fukui” formed as an external university group in 2017. In addition to hosting a food stand at the University of Tokyo’s spring in autumn campus festivals, the group. Works to promote the charm of Fukui Prefecture using various social networking sites, including Twitter and Instagram.

The Kobama Festival was held for three days, during November 22 to 24. Preparation and operation of the food stand began with University of Tokyo students, and grew to about 30 members, to include students from Chuo University and Keio University. The students, supplied with cutlets and sauce by vendors from within Fukui Prefecture, were able to provide freshly fried food. The students introduced and promoted Fukui’s “B-grade gourmet” (affordable and casual cruising, as opposed to fine dining) expressing to customers, “Next time, definitely please try eating it in Fukui!”

Tsukasa Yamamoto, a group member who is also a first-year University of Tokyo student, expressed his thoughts, “If through these events, we can get people to associate Sauce Katsu with Fukui, we would feel really happy! We hope that, every if just a little, we can crease a good impression of Fukui within other people, and perhaps that impression can carry them into Fukui.”


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