Koshi Junior High School Applicants: 42 Hopeful Students on the First Day of Applications

Koshi Junior High School Applicants: 42 Hopeful Students on the First Day of Applications

2020 Entrance Examination, December 12th Deadline

Fukui Prefectural Koshi Junior High School (located in Fukui City) has begun accepting applications for the 2020 entrance examination selection from December 6th. With a quota of 90 students, 42 have applied on the first day of applications. By mail, applications will be accepted until December 12th.

The aptitude test to determine which students can enter the school will take place on January 11th. Up until the last examination, in addition to three different aptitude tests (50 minutes allotted to each), a written composition (50 minutes) was assigned. However, from the next examination onwards, the composition will be replaced with an interview session (for approximately 15 minutes).

It will be a group interview, with multiple applicants being interviewed at the same time. Each aptitude test will be worth 100 points, with the interview being worth 50 points.

The application deadline is December 12th. Mail applications postmarked until December 10th will be accepted. The examination results will be posted on the Koshi Junior High School homepage on January 3rd, at 3:00 p.m.

According to the Fukui Prefecture Board of Education, the final number of applicants for 2019 was at 328 students, at 3.6 times the acceptance rate; for 2018, the total number was at 341 students, at 3.8 times the acceptance rate.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/988617

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