Snowfall at Fukui Prefecture’s Okuetsu, Snow Plow Truck Dispatched

Snowfall at Fukui Prefecture’s Okuetsu, Snow Plow Truck Dispatched

Weather Forecast for this Weekend, A Short Period of Snow

On December 6th, the winter pressure pattern has grown stronger, resulting in snowfall in Okuetsu, located within Fukui Prefecture. For the first time this winter, a snow plow truck has been dispatched to work on National Route 157, within Katsuyama City’s Kitadani-cho.

According to the Okuetsu Prefectural Civil Engineering Office, snowfall began from the evening of December 5th, at around 10:00 p.m., near Kitadani-cho. By 3:00 a.m. on the 6th, the snowfall was measured at the regulated snow removal mark of 10 centimetres on Route 157. One snow plow truck was dispatched from its base, located within Kitadani-cho’s Kitarokuroshi, and proceeded with snow removal for approximately 5 kilometres near the border along Ishikawa Prefecture.

The initial dispatch of snow plow trucks for this winter has been 7 days later than the previous 10-year average (November 29th), and 3 days earlier than last year (December 9th).

The temperature lows within Fukui Prefecture on December 6th were 1.3˚C in Katsuyama City, 1.9˚C in Ono City, 3.2˚C in Fukui City, and 4.8˚C in Tsuruga City.

According to this weekend’s weather forecast by the Fukui Local Meteorological Office, Fukui Prefecture will be cloudy with some rain on the 7th, and cloudy with a chance of rain or snow on the 8th. The temperature low for December 7th is expected to be 2˚C, and 4˚C for December 8th.


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