An Australian Black Widow, Discovered in Obama

An Australian Black Widow, Discovered in Obama

The 2nd Case Within Fukui Prefecture, Low Chance of Propagating

On November 29th, in a car repair shop located in Fukui Prefecture’s Obama City, an invasive alien species of one redback spider (also known as an “Australian black widow”) was discovered. There has been no report of injury. This has been the second sighting of a redback spider since 2014, which happened in Fukui City.

According to the Fukui Prefectural Natural Environmental Department, the current case involves a female redback spider measuring at approximately 1 centimeter in size. On November 26th, a repair shop employee was performing an inspection and maintenance on a car that was used within Osaka Prefecture. Between the car body and its spare tire, one spider and its eggs were found and caught. On the 27th, the Fukui Nature Conversation Center examined and confirmed the species of spider. The car, along with the spider, has only been brought in temporarily, so the possibility of it propagating within the surrounding areas has been considered to be low.

Forty-four prefectures across Japan, including Fukui, has been checked as of February 2017.

The redback spider is native to Australia. The female redback has a red pattern on its back and abdomen, and is venomous. Getting bit will feel like being pricked with a needle, and may cause perspiration and nausea. A serious illness may develop, especially if involving children or the elderly.

According to the Prefectural Natural Environmental Department, the spider is naturally docile, and will not bite along as it or its nest is not handled, especially with bare hands. In the situation where one is found, it is suggested to exterminate the spider using insecticide, which can be bought at any store.


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