A Craft Beer Using Fukui Prefecture’s Soba

A Craft Beer Using Fukui Prefecture’s Soba

An Echizen Soba Ale is Born, Along With a Yamauni-Flavoured Snack

Liquor retailer “Liquor World HANA” (headquartered in Fukui City, Toiya-cho, 2-Chome, company president: Yasuo Sakamoto), has commercialized a craft beer using soba (buckwheat) produced in Fukui Prefecture, as well as “arare” (a bite-size Japanese rice cracker) seasoned with “yamauni” (a traditional condiment made in the Kawada district, located within Fukui Prefecture’s Sabae City). It goes on sale from November 27th, filled with ingredients that make Fukui proud.

The product name will be listed as “Echizen Soba Ale” (越前蕎麦 エール), produced in cooperation with the craft beer brewery, Kanazawa Brewery (located in Ishikawa Prefecture’s Kanazawa City). The beer’s main ingredients consist of malt and yeast, and buckwheat seeds are added as the supplementary ingredient. According to HANA, beer brewed using buckwheat has already been on sale in Hokkaido, but is quite rare in other parts of Japan.

With the deep flavour of pale ale as the base, people can enjoy the faint aroma of the buckwheat.

“It would be great if ‘Soba Ale’ is what comes to people’s minds when they think of craft beer in Fukui,” says a hopeful associate.

A 330ml bottle will cost ¥550 (excluding tax). There will be a limited stock of 500 bottles sold in all the Liquor World HANA store across Fukui Prefecture.

“Yamauni Arare” is a snack created in collaboration between the yamauni manufacturer and retailer “Echizentai” (“越前隊”, located in Sabae City’s Obana-cho, company president: Seki Kazuhiro), and rice cracker manufacturer “Yoshimura Kanrodo” (“吉村甘露堂”, located in Ono City’s Konomoto, company president: Fumio Yoshimura). Yamauni is a condiment made with a combination of ingredients including yuzu, chili peppers, and salt. The yamauni is then used to coat the arare. With its distinctly sharp spiciness, it is a snack that is perfect with beer or sake.

It will be priced at ¥298 (excluding tax). It will be sold in all Liquor World HANA stores within the prefecture, and also at Yoshimura Okaki’s Sabae location (Sabae City, Maruyama-cho, 4-Chome).

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/981099

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