This Season’s New Low, Fukui City at 0.7˚C

This Season’s New Low, Fukui City at 0.7˚C

Ono City at -1.3˚C, Minami-Echizen Also Below Freezing

On November 29, Fukui Prefecture became much colder, due to the effects of the winter pressure pattern, and the high-altitude cold air. Ono City saw -1.3˚C, and Minami-Echizen was at -1.1˚C. Fukui City also reached a low of 0.7˚C, which is the average temperature during the end of the year.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, until 8:00 a.m. on the 29th, each region saw its seasonal low; Mikuni in Sakai City at 2.1˚C, Harue is Sakai City at 0.7˚C, Koshino in Fukui city at 4.4˚C, Fukui City at 0.7˚C, Katsuyama City at -0.6˚C, Ono City at -1.3˚C, Imajo in Minamiechizen Town at -1.1˚C, Tsuruga City at 6.3˚C, Mihama Town at 4.0˚C, and Obama City at 4.5˚C. The Reihoku region and Mihama town saw the current season’s temperature lows.

According to the Fukui Local Meteorological Office, the temperature highs for November 29th were predicted at 10˚C for Fukui City, 9˚C for Ono City, and 11˚C for Tsuruga City. For November 30th, the temperature lows are expected to be 4˚C for Fukui City, 2˚C for Ono City, and 6˚C for Tsuruga City.


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