AKB48 Idol Haruna Hashimoto Absorbed in Job Training

AKB48 Idol Haruna Hashimoto Absorbed in Job Training

Appointed as the Fukui Labour Office Chief for One Day

On November 20th, in order to promote “Hello Training”, a public job training centre, Haruna Hashimoto (aged 19) was appointed as the Fukui Labour Office Chief for a day. Hashimoto is part of the idol group AKB48’s Team 8, representing Toyama Prefecture. Hashimoto visited the training institution located in Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City, and fully experienced the supported environment geared towards women seeking reemployment, while raising their children, as well as being able to converse with those women.

Since last autumn, AKB48 Team 8 has been carrying out PR work for Hello Training.

At the appointment ceremony, Hashimoto enthusiastically received a one-day appointment contract from Yoshikawa Shimada, the current chief.

Visiting the Hello Training institution, located within Fukui City, Hashimoto toured the facilities, observing the free childcare centre, and experiencing the training curriculum. Using a computer in the IT Skill Training, Hashimoto created business cards while receiving tips from a lecturer.

Hashimoto was able to hold discussions with women faced with the situation of seeking reemployment, after having to leave their previous job due to childbirth and child-rearing. Hashimoto was able to fully realize the support system’s effects, hearing comments such as, “We can attend training sessions, assured that we can safely leave our children in the childcare centre”, and “We can feel motivated by learning alongside others who are in the same situation.”

“I want to spread awareness of Hello Training to many people through social networking sites,” says Hashimoto.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/977521

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