Fukui Station West’s Happiring. Ten Million Visitors.

Fukui Station West’s Happiring. Ten Million Visitors.

Milestone Reached After 3.5 Years, and Still in Great Condition

On November 23rd, there was a commemorative ceremony for Happiring reaching a cumulative total of 10 millions visitors, which occurred on October 14th. Happiring is located by the west exit of JR Fukui station, in Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City. The event took place in HappiTerrace, an open square in front of Happiring under the building’s large eaves. Under the watchful eyes of those attending the “Abura-age Festival” (an event featuring deep-fried tofu), Happiring Board Chairman Kaori Kadohara and Fukui City Mayor Shinichi Higashimura joined the celebration by firing off a set of confetti cannons to commemorate the milestone.

Happiring opened on April 28, 2016. During its first year, the number of visitors had reached 3.05 million, 2.79 million in 2017, then 2.77 million in 2018, maintaining consistently impressive numbers until reaching the milestone of a grand total of 10 million visitors, after three and a half years.

“Alongside the development of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line, we will continue to work vigorously and wholeheartedly, in anticipation of more visitors from all over the world,” said board chairman Kadohara in a greeting. Joined with a group of children’s, city mayor Higashimura set off a round of confetti cannons and party poppers to celebrate the event.

After the ceremony, celebratory dorayaki and tea was given to the first 300 visitors.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/979795

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