The Largest Book Cafe in Hokuriku Has Opened in Fukui

The Largest Book Cafe in Hokuriku Has Opened in Fukui

A TSUTAYA and Tully’s Collaboration

On November 22nd, Fukui Prefecture got its first large-scale book cafe, which opened on the 2nd floor of WaiPlaza-Shinbo (located in Fukui City, Shinbokita, 1-Chrome). With a collection of roughly 130,000 books, TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE unites with coffee chain Tully’s Coffee, to form one of Hokuriku’s largest shops. Within the relaxing atmosphere, the store was filled with customers reading books or magazines, while enjoying their drinks.

YASUSAKI (a company headquartered in Fukui City, with company president Shouji Yasusaki) has its Gurume-Kan on the 2nd floor undergo renovations. The company is shifting its focus towards creating a shopping center that has a collection of various things to do, with activities and where customers can enjoy their free time.

In the large book cafe, customers can order food or drinks at Tully’s Coffee, and bring up to 2 unpaid reading materials with them. Then, at their seat, they can enjoy reading at their leisure. There are over 100 seats in the cafe.

There were about 100 people waiting in line on opening day. Customers were able to drink their coffee or have a light meal, while enjoying their favourite magazine or book.

General manager of the YASUSAKI Franchise Head Office, Tadahiko Nanbu says, “We wanted to be distinct, when it came to creating this shop that is unique within the prefecture. From here on, including our senior clientele, we think it will be great to also increase the number of younger customers.”

The book cafe operates from 9:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

Other shops and facilities on the 2nd floor includes DAISO (a 100-yen shop), Asobi MA-RE (an indoor amusement area for parents and their children), and FIT365 (a fitness gym, which pre-opens from December 16th).


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