The Dinosaurs Will Also “Hibernate”, Approaching the Winter Season

The Dinosaurs Will Also “Hibernate”, Approaching the Winter Season

Katsuyama: Snow Sheds Built Over Monuments

In the Katsuyama Dinosaur Forest of Nagaoyama Park, located in Fukui Prefecture’s Katsuyama City, the dinosaur monuments made for visitors are having sheds built to protect the structures from the weight of the snow. On November 14th, in the middle of the cold rainy weather, a 2-meter high, 4.5-meter long Fukui dinosaur hibernated within its “nest” of wooden boards.

During the first week of November, as part of an incorporated nonprofit organization (NPO), the Dinosaur Town Katsuyama Support Team began construction. One the start day, four of the staff worked on a Fukui dinosaur monument, placed along a path in the park, assembling planks around the monument to form a snow shed, 4-meters tall and 8-meters long.

There are about 80 dinosaur monuments within the park, including a giant moving robotic insect. Save for some installations, snow sheds will continue to be assembled around the various monuments, or moved into storage for safekeeping. Preparations for winter is expected to go on until mid-December.

The outdoor amusements “Katsuyama Dino Park” and an activity area where people can try digging up fossils “Doki-doki Dinosaur Excavation Land” are in operation until the 17th. “It was an unbelievable time when we had to temporarily close because of the repeated bear appearances. But we wish for everyone to enjoy the facilities all throughout the current season,” said a museum associate, ailing out to prospective visitors.

The excavation activity area is expected to reopen from March 20 of next year. As for the Dino Park, depending on how the snow thaws out, aims to reopen during early April.


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