“Ikumen”: Shimane at #1, Fukui at #11

“Ikumen”: Shimane at #1, Fukui at #11

Husbands of Fukui Prefecture, Low Happiness in Housework and Childcare

Sekusui House, a homebuilding company, published results of a survey, “Ikumen White Paper 2019” (“Ikumen” refers to a man who enjoys child rearing). The nationwide survey looked at the proportion of males who were active in childcare and housework, with the highest overall number belonging to Shimane Prefecture. The survey distinctly quantified and totalled the data, including the amount of childcare leave available, and the spouse’s evaluation on 4 criteria.

This is the first time Sekisui House published an investigation of this kind. The public relations manager stated that Shimane Prefecture has the most dual income households, with men displaying their empathy through active participation. The rankings continued with with Okinawa at #2, Tottori at #3, Wakayama at #4, and Mie at #5.

Fukui Prefecture was listed at #11. The number of hours husbands spend with housework and childcare within a week is 14, placing Fukui at #2 within the country for that category. The amount of childcare leave available was at 3.29 days, resulting in a #14 ranking for the prefecture. Out of a total of 5 categories, Fukui was within the top ranking prefectures for 4 categories.

The survey was carried out in July of this year, involving 9,400 men and women in their 20s to 50s across the country, with a child at an elementary school age or younger. The criteria in which spouses gave their evaluation were as follows: “Amount of household chores and childcare actions performed”, “How do you define ‘Ikumen’?”, 3 items under “Amount of hours of housework and childcare within the week, by the husband”, “Average number of days of childcare leave taken”, and 2 items under “Can you sense joy in their involvement with housework and childcare?”

Including items such as “playing with the child”, “taking out the garbage”, and “bathing the child”, under actions regarding housework and childcare, husbands in Fukui Prefecture averaged on performing 5.88 of items listed, placing them at #15 nationwide. On the other side, when regarding the sense of joy towards housework and childcare, Fukui was placed at #34

In the white paper, over 80% of men and women agree that men should take childcare leave. In reality, as a point included in the survey results, the amount of men to do so is approximately 10%.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/971082

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