About Myself & This Blog

About Myself & This Blog

Hello, I am Nate.

I have been living in Japan for a few years, after having lived in Canada for most of my life.

I study Japanese whenever time (and energy) can spare. I currently hold a Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 certificate, but I still consider myself at an intermediate level.

Using translation as a study method, I am looking to improve my reading comprehension, vocabulary, and increase my general knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.

I still have much to learn, and I am most definitely liable to make mistakes, but I am determined to keep improving. Thus, any feedback, advice, or comments are greatly appreciated.

Most of my post will be concerning news connected to the prefecture of Fukui, my current home.

Perhaps you can also learn something interesting about this beautiful prefecture!

MIRAIE: 550,000 Lights Shining on the Tsuruga Port

MIRAIE: 550,000 Lights Shining on the Tsuruga Port

A 70-Meter Tunnel of Lights

   In the Kanegasaki Green Field, located in Tsuruga City of Fukui Prefecture, “MIRAIE”, an illumination event adorning the Tsuruga port with night lights, begins from the evening of November 3rd. On the evening of November 2, a test run of the approximately 550,000 LED lights was executed, engulfing the whole area with a seemingly magical illumination.

   Every year, the “Tsuruga Railway & Port” Community Development Executive Committee has been conducting this event since 2014. Last year, there were approximately 56,000 visitors.

   Compared to the previous year, there has been a 50,000 increase in LED lights, and the grass areas are covered with 1.5 times more blue LED lights, evoking an image of the ocean.

   During the November 2nd test run, monuments of light including an approximately 70-meter tunnel, and a railway train were simultaneously shining with vivid colours.

   MIRAIE Operations Committee Chairman, Seigo Uno (aged 46), called out to prospective visitors, “The ocean-like illumination has expanded. I wish for everyone to come and enjoy this event.”

   On November 3, from 5:50 p.m., the opening ceremony will take place. Until December 25, the illumination will light up from 6:00 p.m. every day. On Mondays to Thursday, Sundays, and holidays, the event will operate until 9:00 p.m.; on Fridays and Saturday, it will operate until 10:00 p.m.

Source: https://www.fukuishimbun.co.jp/articles/-/966142