High School Students Produces News Articles and Gathers Information at Newspaper Company

High School Students Produces News Articles and Gathers Information at Newspaper Company

A Production Workshop as Part of the Fukui Prefecture High Schools’ Art and Science Festival

   On October 26th, the Fukui Prefecture High School’s Arts and Science Festival’s Newspaper Convention was held in Fukui Shimbun, a newspaper company situated in Fukui Prefecture, Fukui City. A total of 29 students, gathered from the newspaper clubs of four high schools within the prefecture, explored the editorial office and meticulously gathered information about the company, including about the duties of journalists and digital strategies. Unrestricted in their ideas, the students designed a news page layout, and produced their own “Kyoryu Shimbun”.
   The Fukui Prefectural High Schools Cultural Newspaper Assembly occurs every year. Up until now, the students would cover local shopping districts or local tourist attractions within the prefecture. This time, the students had the opportunity to learn about the newspaper production scene, and make full use of their experience in an actual newspaper company.
   1st year and 2nd year students from Kanazu High Schoo, Mikata High School, Takefu Commercial High School, and Fujishima High School were brought together and split across four groups to gather information regarding journalists, photographers, the editorial department, and the digital department. The students learned about a variety of things including the value and difficulties of a journalist, how to express information to be easily understood in print, the internet application of the electronic newspaper, and how to cover breaking news.
   In the photography department, the students experienced the difficulty of carrying a backpack of roughly 15kg of equipment. The students listened carefully, “For the sake of taking photos that can stand out to the readers, we should not forget to maintain objectivity. We went to express the great qualities of Fukui, because we love Fukui”, and took notes with enthusiasm. The Fukui Simbun Culture Center had a culture festival in session, as well as an “Omoshiro Kan”, where one could learn about various things like when lead was once used to create newspaper pages.
   The students had a 3-hour time limit to edit and compile their work. The students broke down the tasks, wrote a draft, and composed the news page while actively producing ideas. On the news page there was a number of carefully thought out headlines such as “A Career to Express the Charm of FUKUI” and “An Easy-to-Understand Article, from the Reader’s Perspective”. A variety of schemes were seen, such as laying out an eye-catching photo in the middle of the page, and placing the main headline diagonally and in bold.
   “I learned that creating a newspaper is hard work, and that the concentration of different skills from many people are used”, said a 2nd year Kanazu High School student, who worked as the editor-in-chief for the four student groups.
   “We were in a fuss all the way to the very end, but we were able to finish our newspaper. Up until now, this has been the most satisfying conclusion”, said a 2nd year Takefu Commercial High School student.

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