A Large Snowfall for this Winter? Fukui’s Forecast

A Large Snowfall for this Winter? Fukui’s Forecast

The Niigata Local Meteorological Office Announces 3-Month Forecast

On November 24, the Niigata Local Meteorological Office published a 3-month forecast, for this December through February of 2020, for the Hokuriku region. According to the Fukui Local Meteorological Office, over the 3 month period, there is expected to be less snow compared to the average year.

The Fukui Local Meteorological Office reported that due to various factors, including global warming, and the high-altitude westerlies zigzagging northwards close to Japan, the effects of the cooler air will decrease. The low-pressure system of the North Pacific’s Aleutian Low will have a weaker effect on Japan’s neighbouring areas, leading to a prediction that the winter pressure pattern will not persist for a long time.

Through the period of last December through February of this year, the total amount of snowfall was 20 centimeters in December, 19 centimeters in January, and 3 centimeters in February; a meteorological associate had predicted, “There will probably be more snowfall than last winter.”

In addition, according to the 3-month forecast published by the Japan Meteorological Agency on the same day, the temperature across the country will be higher than normal during next January, resulting in a prediction of an average forecast for the following February. The areas along the Japan Sea, northern Japan (Hokkaido, Tohoku), eastern Japan (Kanto-Koshin, Hokuriku, Tokai), western Japan (Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu), are all expected to have lower than average snowfall.

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AKB48 Idol Haruna Hashimoto Absorbed in Job Training

AKB48 Idol Haruna Hashimoto Absorbed in Job Training

Appointed as the Fukui Labour Office Chief for One Day

On November 20th, in order to promote “Hello Training”, a public job training centre, Haruna Hashimoto (aged 19) was appointed as the Fukui Labour Office Chief for a day. Hashimoto is part of the idol group AKB48’s Team 8, representing Toyama Prefecture. Hashimoto visited the training institution located in Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City, and fully experienced the supported environment geared towards women seeking reemployment, while raising their children, as well as being able to converse with those women.

Since last autumn, AKB48 Team 8 has been carrying out PR work for Hello Training.

At the appointment ceremony, Hashimoto enthusiastically received a one-day appointment contract from Yoshikawa Shimada, the current chief.

Visiting the Hello Training institution, located within Fukui City, Hashimoto toured the facilities, observing the free childcare centre, and experiencing the training curriculum. Using a computer in the IT Skill Training, Hashimoto created business cards while receiving tips from a lecturer.

Hashimoto was able to hold discussions with women faced with the situation of seeking reemployment, after having to leave their previous job due to childbirth and child-rearing. Hashimoto was able to fully realize the support system’s effects, hearing comments such as, “We can attend training sessions, assured that we can safely leave our children in the childcare centre”, and “We can feel motivated by learning alongside others who are in the same situation.”

“I want to spread awareness of Hello Training to many people through social networking sites,” says Hashimoto.

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Indonesia Police, Astonished with Japan’s Police Stations

Indonesia Police, Astonished with Japan’s Police Stations

Training Session at the Fukui Prefectural Police Department, “Arrival On Scene is Quick”

Seven staff from the Indonesian National Police participated in a training session held by the Fukui Prefectural Police Department. On November 19th, the officers visited the Ikuhisa Police Station and experienced the station’s operations.

From 2001, the National Police Agency and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been carrying out the “Support Program for Reform of Indonesian National Police”. The training session hosted by the Fukui Prefectural Police Department, held from November 18, is one of the events within the scope of the program. Until November 20, the seven Indonesian police staff, ranking between Japan’s equivalent of Police Officer to Police Commissioner, studied a variety of topics including about the Prefectural Police Headquarters. They also learned about the organizational management laws ad general education courses held at the Fukui Prefectural Police Academy. They then visited the Ikuhisa Police Station after the lecture, held at the Fukui Police Station, concerning the management and operations of police stations in Japan. The seven Indonesian police staff were actively asking questions through the sessions.

“Regardless of the personnel responding, the Japanese police officers are quick to act, taking little time from receive a report of an occurrence to arriving on scene. This will serve as a good reference,” says an Indonesian Major General (equivalent rank to a Police Commissioner).

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Fukui Station West’s Happiring. Ten Million Visitors.

Fukui Station West’s Happiring. Ten Million Visitors.

Milestone Reached After 3.5 Years, and Still in Great Condition

On November 23rd, there was a commemorative ceremony for Happiring reaching a cumulative total of 10 millions visitors, which occurred on October 14th. Happiring is located by the west exit of JR Fukui station, in Fukui Prefecture’s Fukui City. The event took place in HappiTerrace, an open square in front of Happiring under the building’s large eaves. Under the watchful eyes of those attending the “Abura-age Festival” (an event featuring deep-fried tofu), Happiring Board Chairman Kaori Kadohara and Fukui City Mayor Shinichi Higashimura joined the celebration by firing off a set of confetti cannons to commemorate the milestone.

Happiring opened on April 28, 2016. During its first year, the number of visitors had reached 3.05 million, 2.79 million in 2017, then 2.77 million in 2018, maintaining consistently impressive numbers until reaching the milestone of a grand total of 10 million visitors, after three and a half years.

“Alongside the development of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line, we will continue to work vigorously and wholeheartedly, in anticipation of more visitors from all over the world,” said board chairman Kadohara in a greeting. Joined with a group of children’s, city mayor Higashimura set off a round of confetti cannons and party poppers to celebrate the event.

After the ceremony, celebratory dorayaki and tea was given to the first 300 visitors.

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First Wholesale Market for Kaga Maruimo In Kanazawa. PREMIUM-grade, 2 for ¥20,000.

First Wholesale Market for Kaga Maruimo In Kanazawa. PREMIUM-grade, 2 for ¥20,000.

Produced in Nomi and Komatsu cities, this season’s market for Kaga Maruimo (Japanese yam) began on November 22. At the Kanazawa Central Wholesale Market (” 金沢市中央卸売市場 “), the highest grade, marked as “PREMIUM”, of a box of 2 Kaga Maruimo (weighing at a total of 1.2 kilograms) ¥20,000. Matsusaki, a hot spring ryokan located in Tatsunokuchi Town in Nomi City, was the successful bidder, as well as last year.

“PREMIUM” is classified by several factors; it is chosen within the large-size category, weigh between 450 and 600 grams, and be exceptional in its roundness, marked with “extraordinary excellence” (“特秀”). The Minami-Kaga Maruimo Production Council (“南加賀地区生産協議会”) expects to ship approximately 100 tonnes of Kaga Maruimo, as was last year. 2% to 3% of the yield will be graded as “PREMIUM”.

Source: https://www.hokkoku.co.jp/subpage/H20191123104.htm